Many people, especially celebrities, have been known to be lovers of teeth whitening. Aside from the fact that it makes a person attractive, it also helps boost self-confidence. Taking care of the teeth after whitening them is not a cumbersome task. A person simply needs to take the aftercare procedure seriously and religiously. The best way to make your teeth last for a long time after whitening is to take care of them continuously. As we age, our teeth begin to become dull and yellowish. Asides from age, what a person consumes is also a contributing factor to the teeth being coloured.


How to Care For the Teeth After a Teeth Whitening Procedure

The focus of this article is to present you with tips that would make teeth whitening stand the test of time. The decision for the whitening to last long solely lies with the patient. Hence, he must adhere strictly to these aftercare tips.

Stay away from acidic foods– try as much as possible to stay from foods with a lot of acids. You damage the enamel when you consume foods or fruits like lime, soda, lemon pickles, and several other acidic foods. In addition, the teeth whitening procedure makes the enamel weak. Therefore, acidic foods cause stains to remain on the teeth or lead to tooth decay, and the acid, in turn, makes the weakness worse.

Stay away from coloured foods– the most delicate and most vulnerable period of whitened teeth is the next 24 hours after the procedure. Since it is fresh, it runs the risk of being stained by almost anything. Coloured foods that can rub off on the teeth should be avoided. If you care about your teeth staying white for a long time, you should stay away from certain foods. Foods like blue or blackberries, chocolates, coffee, wine, tea, and others should be avoided.

Stay away from hot and cold meals– usually, cold drinks are bad for the teeth. The whitening procedure makes the teeth very sensitive, so hot or cold meals should be avoided. The sensitivity from hot or cold meals could cause discomfort for the teeth. Generally, icy drinks or food are not good for the health and the teeth. Foods like ice cream, hot tea, hot sauce, and several others in this category should be avoided.

Care for the teeth– the best way to care for the teeth is a simple and easy-to-follow procedure. First, you must make sure you brush your teeth at least twice daily. Then, use the right kind of toothpaste to ensure your teeth remain white; you can ask your dentist for guidance. Another important way to care for the teeth is by rinsing the mouth and the teeth after every meal. This will help to flush out food particles that might be hidden in the enamel.

 Ensure that you visit your dentist regularly so that tabs can be kept on your teeth to ensure they retain their spark. Also, avoid using a hard brush; because a hard brush can damage the gum and cause it to bleed.

The teeth whitening procedure could be fairly cheap but maintaining the whiteness of the teeth is the most expensive part. However, if the steps prescribed in this article are followed to the latter, white and healthy teeth will be the reward in the long run.