With the stress and pressures of a modern life, it is increasingly common for both men and women to have an inferior sex life and this affects them in a number of ways. It breeds discontent and makes them feel less confident about themselves. Here is what a doctor recommends for a better sex life.

  • Quitting smoking: Nicotine in the tobacco is known as a vasoconstrictor. This means that the nicotine will narrow the blood vessels, leading to artery and vein damage. Of these, the minuscule blood vessels in the penis are especially prone to damage, thus having a negative influence on your sex life. It is advisable for you to quit smoking to enjoy a normal and happy sex life.
  • Getting sufficient exercise: Both men and women will enjoy a better sex life I they exercise regularly. Regular exercise will keep the cardiovascular system in a healthy condition which is very important for both erections and high libido. Additionally, exercise will increase the levels of sex hormones as well as the levels of endorphins. They will help women to feel better about their own selves and also improve the image they have about their bodies.
  • Reduce your stress levels: Doctors suggest that you practice techniques for the management of stress like yoga and meditation. Stress is self-induced, gradual in nature and prematurely ages your body. It also raises adrenaline and cortisol levels which will then interfere with the sex hormones. Meditation releases healing hormones that will be conducive to a better sex life.
  • Get enough sleep: Both female and male sexual response is affected by low levels of sleep. Like stress reduction processes, sleep will release beneficial hormones that help you to enjoy a better sex life. If there are problems like sleep apnea, medication side effects, and stress, it will alter the brain chemistry and have a detrimental effect on mood. If you get sufficient rest, it will increase the libido you have and consequently improve your sex life.
  • Cut alcohol consumption: While drinking in moderation is fine, one drink a day for women and two for men, excess alcohol in the body will act as a depressant and will promote feelings of anxiety that will inhibit your sex life. Always drink in moderation for a better sex life.
  • Decrease caffeine intake: Caffeine is known as a vasoconstrictor, meaning that it inhibits blood flow. However, chocolate, containing caffeine seems to have a beneficial effect on libido. Doctors advise you to keep caffeine consumption to a moderate level so that you enjoy increased libido and a better sex life.
  • Healthy eating: If you eat fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants, it will increase your libido and lead to a better sex life. The Mediterranean diet is the best diet to follow for optimum sexual health.

Besides these recommendations by doctors, having a frank and no holds barred conversation with your partner will help to have a better sex life by leaps and bounds.