Do you make hip flexor exercise a priority like leg day? Unless it’s trending on social media, probably not.

While you don’t need to devote a whole day to hip flexor stretches, you should add some hip flexor-targeting exercises to your workout to strengthen these muscles.

Having hip flexor pain or tightness isn’t just uncomfortable, it may be harmful to your health. Keep reading to learn more about why you should exercise your hip flexors.

1. To Maintain Good Posture

A good hip flexor stretch targeting the iliopsoas muscles (the main hip flexors) is important to help you maintain good posture. These muscles connect to the lumbar spine, travel through the pelvis, and then attach to the inside of the femur close to the hip joint.

These are the only muscles that connect your lower body to your upper body so it’s a good idea to keep them strong and flexible.

2. To Strengthen Your Core

The iliopsoas muscles take the responsibility of keeping everything stable including your lower back, pelvis, and hips, all of which make up your core. It doesn’t matter what activity you’re doing. You can be running, walking, sitting, or standing. Your iliopsoas muscles are what the body relies on for a stable core.

3. Eliminate Pain

When your hip flexors are strong and loose, it can eliminate pain in your hips and lower back. It also lessens your chance of injury dramatically.

Weak hip flexors lead to muscle imbalances in the surrounding areas of the body. This causes misalignment of the pelvis and leads to pain. A potential hip replacement can be a prominent solution to get rid of hip pain at the situation.

4. Essential For Mobility And Movement

Because the hip flexors are the group of muscles around the upper and inner thighs and the pelvic area, they are responsible for powering almost every movement we make.

When your hips aren’t working properly, you are very limited in your movements.

5. Improve Your Athletic Performance

When you’re involved in athletic activity, having strong muscles around your hips is vital if you want the hip joints to work as they should. The hip joints have a variety of ranges of motion: internal and external rotation, flexion, extension, and more.

Strong and mobile hips support your body and help you perform at a higher level. It doesn’t matter if you’re running, skating, throwing, jumping, hitting, or changing directions, strong hips help you do it better.

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Hip Flexors: The Key To A Happy Body

Keeping your hip flexors strong will reverse the effects of sitting, lessen back pain, help you with your posture, keep you injury-free, and out of the operating room. Practice various stretches and exercises targeting your hip flexors on a regular basis.

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