15 Oct 2021

Unknown benefits of smoking weed 

Introduction Smoking weed is a new trend among teenagers right now. Initially, marijuana was used for health purposes. These plants were of great importance in ancient times. Due to its growing popularity, it is becoming a bad thing. Well, you would find smoking weed quite…


Bone Grafting Procedure 

Bone grafts for dental implants are performed for people who are unable to have new teeth implanted due to weakness in the jawbone. By measuring the distance from the jaw bone’s surface to the upper sinus of the tooth, the type of bone graft operation…


How long does gastric band surgery take  

The LAP-BAND or commonly referred to as Laparoscopic adjustable gastric band (LAGB), is safe, minimally invasive and effective. It is currently more and more popular among all the weight loss methods available in Europe. Since early 2000, LAP-BAND has been available in Europe and abroad….


How to Care for Your Hot Tub? 

  Regular spa cover care is key for guaranteeing both optimal performance and the durability of your health facility. It includes daily, regular, as well as routine jobs, in addition to maintaining a close eye out for bigger potential troubles. Let’s have a quick look…