06 Dec 2021

Does CBD Help With Sleep? 

People from all around the world are asking the question, does CBD help with sleep? You cant’ blame them either. As the popularity of CBD and other hemp extract products continues to skyrocket more and more people are becoming willing to try CBD to see…


Steps to Overcome a Drug Abuse Addiction 

  Addiction does not happen only to specific people that have character flaws and weaknesses. It can happen to anyone, anytime, anyplace. When you enter a magical circle, you cannot get out without proper guidance and willpower. Abusing prescription or illegal drugs can cause severe…


Hearing loss: Sudden deafness 

Sudden deafness is a severe sensorineural hearing loss that develops within a few hours or is felt on waking. It affects about 1/5000 people every year. The initial hearing loss is typically unilateral (other than drug-induced) and can be mild to severe. Many also experience…