As part of a regular sports practice and in parallel with a varied and balanced diet, food supplements such as HypOxygen® for example can be of great help. They allow the athlete to maintain a good level of energy, to recover more efficiently and above all to provide the tissues with the nutrients they need to regenerate after exercise. In this article, discover the best dietary supplements for athletes.

Why Choose Dietary Supplements For Athletes?

Food supplements are interesting in the context of physical activity because they concentrate nutrients and make them easily accessible. In athletes, macro and micronutrient needs are increased and losses need to be compensated. Thus, even a balanced diet is not always enough to cover these needs. This is why taking a suitable dietary supplement can be wise.

What Nutrients Do We Need When Exercising?

To be nourished properly, the tissues solicited by the effort need an adequate supply of proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids. These macronutrients allow the body to be well prepared for exercise, to hold up during exercise and to recover after exercise. Vitamins, antioxidant molecules, minerals, and trace elements also allow the athlete’s body to cope with all stages of training.

How To Choose A Special Sports Food Supplement?

In the world of food supplements like SNAC Official for example for athletes, it is important to favor products made from natural ingredients that respect the body. Always look at labels carefully and be sure to avoid chemical formulas that can harm the body in the long run. Flax, a dietary supplement to support the heart and limit post-exercise oxidative stress

Ginseng, A Complete Dietary Supplement For Better Performance

Ginseng helps fight against post-exercise oxidative stress; it also boosts the immune defenses put to the test during training. Ginseng is also known to improve the performance and resistance of athletes to effort. It increases concentration and decreases recovery time. A ginseng-based sports food supplement contains ginsenosides, saponins, essential amino acids, calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, B vitamins and antioxidant substances (vitamins C and E).

As a dietary supplement, Ginseng can be taken as a cure for 4 to 12 weeks. Be careful not to take it without interruption and to make regular cuts in your treatment if it lasts more than 3 months. Prefer taking Ginseng in the first part of the day to avoid disturbing sleep.

Other Natural Solutions For Athletes

Diet: A balanced diet rich in nutrients is the key to athletic success. Make sure you have enough protein, essential fatty acids, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

Hydration: Good hydration is essential for the body before, during, and after training. Be sure to drink regularly to compensate for losses associated with physical exertion.

Vegetable oil of arnica and essential oil of wintergreen: the combination of these two oils is beneficial for massaging painful muscles after exercise. The synergy of these two oils has a soothing effect on cramps and aches and helps repair muscle tissue and recover faster.