Many of us judge how our skin looks by the first impressions we make. So, if your skin isn’t looking great, you might struggle with self-confidence. The good news is that you don’t have to be unhappy with how your skin looks right now. There’s always hope for the better. 皮秒 enhanced laser treatment targets the skin at increments of one trillionth of a second. The rapidity of the process means that the energy is converted to pressure rather than heat.

How much picosure treatments do you need?

Most patients require between 3 and 4 treatments to achieve their ideal results. These treatments take between 2 and 4 weeks to complete. It can sometimes take 8 weeks for those with darker skin or sensitive skin. You will need to get the treatment you want.

Fine lines

Picosure-the first and best choice for 去斑 and skin rejuvenation.For fine lines and wrinkles as your main concern, there may be only 2 or 3 treatments that can help to diminish the appearance of these skin issues. This is particularly true if fine lines or wrinkles are minor concerns. Additional treatments may be necessary for deeper, more dynamic wrinkles. This also applies to correcting skin elasticity.

To correct pigmentation issues such as dark spots, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and skin discoloration like freckles or melasma, dark circles, freckles and sun damage may require three to four treatments. For severe cases or larger areas of pigmentation, more treatments may be necessary.


Scarring can refer both to scars from acne and scars that result from injuries. Scarring is usually reduced in appearance and scar tissue can be broken down with only four treatments.

Tattoo remove

Pico treatment can also be used in tattoo removal. Depending on what type of tattoo you have, the removal process will vary from one tattoo to another.

What are the fastest ways to see results?

The results for this treatment are gradual and will depend on the natural regenerative abilities of your skin. Most patients notice results about two to three weeks after their first appointment. You will see improvements until your last treatment or until the optimal results are achieved. It depends on what your treatment goals are, however, you may notice changes sooner than others.

Ages and skin condition

Because of the nature of this treatment taking longer to produce visible results, mature skin may take longer to show visible signs. Your specific skin condition, including your skin tone and severity, could impact how long it takes for you to see results after your first appointment.

Skin cell turnover

Your skin’s cell turnover cycle could also play a part in the speed with which you can see results. The typical skin turnover cycle lasts between 28 to 40 day, meaning that new skin cells can take longer time to reach the top. The skin turnover rates of those with older skin are slower due to aging. This means that they may need more time to achieve the desired results.

Present levels collagen & elastin

Your current levels in collagen and elastin could also affect how fast you achieve your goals. Elastin and collagen, both naturally occurring proteins, provide structural support for your skin. We will notice a decline in our baseline collagen and elastic in levels, which means that patients with younger skin are more likely to experience results faster than patients with more mature skin.