It is generally advised to treat one’s body as a temple. Now the literal meaning of this phrase is not so much appealing as its deeper philosophical meaning. By treating your body like you treat a temple of prayer, with respect and love, you can overcome and prevent many diseases. However, when some advice to take care of one’s body, they generally forget to mention oral or dental care. This is one of the major drawbacks of the current health care industry because it has failed to make people aware of the problems of bad oral and dental care. This factor has somewhat made the common people neglect general oral or dental care.

The general oral hygiene that you can undertake at home

In a common household, general oral hygiene includes brushing of teeth. And in some cases, some people may use flossing at night. But this is practically not nearly enough to maintain oral hygiene. Brushing teeth thrice a day, and after eating, flossing, gargling with salt water, etc. are the very basic precautions that one needs to undertake every day. And not only these common practices but also other types of treatment of teeth can be included in the daily routine. For example, one can replace gurgling with saltwater and can use mouthwash with more antiseptic properties. All these basic ideas on a regular basis can go a long way in providing good oral care. 

The health risks that are associated with oral care

But someone may still wonder about the health risks that are associated with bad oral hygiene. One of the most direct effects of bad oral and dental care is gum problems. This includes inflammation, ulcers, bleeding from gums, etc. Not only gum problems but many oral problems such as fungal and bacterial infections, ulcers, sores, tonsillitis may occur due to bad oral hygiene. Apart from these direct health problems, there are many indirect effects of oral care. Studies have proven links between bad oral hygiene with heart diseases, diabetes, chronic inflammations such as arthritis. These pieces of evidence prove the fact that taking care of your dental problems should be of greater priority.

The way to visit a dental care professional in times of covid19

However, if you develop a dental problem that is persistent, then it is advised to visit a dentist. But given the pandemic situation, it has become hard to visit clinics of dentists. The social distancing protocols and standard operating procedures are in place. This makes it hard for healthcare professionals to deliver their services. However, to help patients, many dental clinics, like living well dental group have come up with many protective measures. Many dental clinics are not providing almost all of their services. This includes cosmetic solutions as well as real health issues related to dental care and oral hygiene.