It is everyone’s wish to have white sparkling teeth. To get the desired results people try various methods. Fortunately, there are few simple and complicated methods to make your teeth look the best.

Firstly, you need to understand that the discoloration of teeth occurs due to two prime reasons. They are:

  • Extrinsic teeth discoloration – It happens due to stain on the enamel of the teeth. It can be caused due to chewing of tobacco, excessive smoking and because of eating some artificial coloured food.
  • Intrinsic teeth discoloration – It occurs because of oral health problems and even aging can be the cause for this kind of teeth discoloration.

There are effective methods and products introduced in the market by natural cosmetic product makers like Euro White. They provide the most effective UK teeth whitening products to keep your teeth clean and to maintain their pure white colour.

Here are the ways to help whitening teeth in faster and safe way-

  • Strips – There are whitening strips that are pasted with peroxide solution to stick on your discoloured teeth. The bleaching effects of the chemical in a few days make your teeth get its original colour.
    • The kind of special crest whitening strips:
    • Crest teeth whitening strips – They are safe to use and have similar ingredients used by expert dentist to clean your teeth to evade stains and other discolouring elements. The strips keep your enamel safe thus no worries even if used for longer time.
    • Crest 3d white – They act as an eraser by removing the stains. Most importantly, the strips can stay on your teeth even when you talk or drink a glass of water.
  • Whitening rinse – They are one of the popular methods to whiten teeth. It even acts like a mouth wash by improving your breath and safe guards against enduring gum diseases. You need to rinse your mouth using the solution for a couple of months to experience the desired result.
  • Cosmetic dentistry – A skilled cosmetic dentist administers right solution to make your teeth dazzle again. Sometimes, they suggest tooth replacement if the bleaching strips or solution gel isn’t effective.
  • Natural or home remedies – There are ample of natural remedies that provide permanent or temporary solution however quite safe for application compared to chemical-based ones like crest teeth whitening strips.

Commonly used natural remedies are –

Baking soda – It is a natural whitener and prevents bacteria from growing in the mouth.

Apple cider vinegar – Using this liquid helps to reduce the growth of microbes that causes discolouration of teeth. Aged people find their teeth slowly whiten while daily swish and rinse mouth with apple cider vinegar.

Oil pulling – You can swish coconut oil or sesame oil in your mouth for fifteen to twenty minutes before rinsing your mouth. You can brush your teeth after oil pulling.

The other way to retain your teeth white shining colour is to stop smoking and chewing tobacco. In every few months visit your dentist, use straw to drink fruit juices, coffee and even wine. To keep your enamel strong and retain its white dazzling quality must eat a lot of calcium rich food.

Hope all the above-mentioned ways help in keeping your teeth healthy and shining.