Stopping wearing glasses or contact lenses has already crossed your mind? Here are simple reasons from discover vision center which represent the main advantages of refractive surgery.

One Of The Least Invasive Surgeries

In addition to being fast and having immediate effects, the surgical act is very light. Your eye is not traumatized; it is not damaged. The action of Lasik, acting to the nearest micron (1 micron = 0.001 millimeters), combined with the expertise of the ophthalmologist surgeon, means that no trace will remain of this operation. The eye is treated with delicacy and extreme precision.

Presbyopes: You Can Gain Up To 10 Years Of Vision

The particularity of presbyopia is that it affects everyone. All people on earth, whether suffering from hyperopia, astigmatism, or myopia, will one day be presbyopia. Put; this is due to the aging of the eye. We can certainly not go back in time or rejuvenate your organs, but the refractive surgery operation can, in the best cases, save you 10 years of vision. Your handicap due to presbyopia is no more, and you can regain comfortable vision without being dependent on your glasses or contact lenses. Visit our article dedicated to presbyopia for more details on this ametropia.

More Freedom In Your Sport

Sports friends, you know how unpleasant, if not impossible, wearing glasses is when practicing your favorite sport. Judo, MMA, Boxing, tennis, football, rugby, skateboarding, or winter sports are all disciplines that do not allow you to wear glasses. Your refractive surgery is an undeniable advantage because it frees you from this constraint and allows you to fully express yourself without worrying about a corrective optical device that slows you down in your movements. Other disciplines, such as surfing, swimming, or even sailing, which can lead to losing your contact lenses in the water, are also relieved of this concern.

Your Eye No Longer Needs To Endure Foreign Bodies

Contact lens wearer, this point is precisely for you. Indeed, wearing a foreign body in contact with the eye for years can damage the cornea. Abscess or inflammation of the cornea, pain, sensitivity to light, bacterial infection, or even allergic reactions, are all risks eliminated by refractive surgery. As well as for spectacle wearers, pain is due to the branches at the level of the ears or on the nose due to the pressure of the platelets.

Some Professions Benefit Directly From Refractive Surgery

Professional advantage, therefore, because certain professions such as firefighters, police officers, soldiers, aviation professions such as pilots, naval professions, or even space professions such as astronauts require a minimum of vision without glasses and contact lenses (5 out of 10). Refractive surgery is the only solution to have vision without glasses as good as with a correction by contact lenses or glasses.

We hope that these reasons, which affect most people suffering from ametropia daily, have touched you and enlightened you on the advantages of LASIK and success rate of lasik. And even though it may not be time for you to go through surgery yet, you can visualize how refractive surgery could change your life, and above all, wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses is not the only solution available to you.