Ever taken a moment to actually stop and smell the roses? While this phrase is typically associated with slowing down and appreciating your surroundings and where you are in the moment, it works in a literal sense as well. Scents, floral or otherwise, can have an impact on your health and well-being.

You can use scents to elevate your mood, increase productivity, and more. Learn how to use the right scents at the right time to better your life.


While no one can claim that different scents will cure depression or work to fix a serious medical condition, they can change things for your health. Certain scents can have an impact on your mood, and change the way you feel in that moment or place.

Scents like lavender and jasmine can help calm and soothe people. Using aroma oil blends with these scents in places like hospitals or care facilities can calm visitors and patients alike.

Using pleasant scents like AromaTech Santal, which contains sandalwood, can put people in a better mood and be more likely to spend more time in that space. Businesses can use pleasant scents to elevate spaces and encourage customers to stay longer.


A sense of smell is an important aspect of our memories, often more than people think. A smell can take you back to childhood dinners or a semester abroad, a person you miss, or a specific time in your life. You can also use smells to remember things better and remind yourself of certain life events.

If you want to engage in a more positive lifestyle, notice the scents you have a particular fondness for and embrace them. People have preferences, and you can use yours to enhance your home and other spaces of your life.


Aside from elevating spaces, scents can have additional impacts on our mood and behavior. Lemon has been shown to help people be more productive by keeping them alert and feeling fresher. It can also be useful, like mint, in helping the body feel more at ease and boosting the immune system.

Certain smells can make you calmer, more awake, or more focused and energized. By using scents to help throughout your day you can be more productive, happier, and healthier. It may not make an enormous difference right away, but over time you may notice some of the positives in your life more.

Smell Health and Well-Being

Our sense of smell can do a lot more for our lives than many people believe. A simple smell can take you back in time or help with your health and well-being. Don’t dismiss the positive aspects of using scents in your life.

Whether you want to use a diffuser, perfumes, or burn a candle now and again, different scents can make a good difference in your life. Find out what scents would benefit you most and consider the ones you like smelling best before you rush out and buy a bunch of supplies. If this helped you better understand the positive aspects of scents, keep reading for more good info.