More than half of Americans admit that they’re insecure about their teeth. If you’re part of that group, then you’ve probably looked into different orthodontic options.

Maybe you’ve even looked into getting fake braces online? There’s been a trend recently, especially with teens, of crafting DIY fake braces from small rubber bands, twine, and wires to attempt to move and straighten teeth themselves. Or, maybe you want fake braces just for a cosmetic look?

If you or your teen is looking for ways to make fake braces or buy them online, stop immediately! In this quick guide, we’ll cover the dangers of cheap, fake braces and alternatives to consider when you want to straighten your teeth.

They Pose a Choking Hazard

Any time you put fake braces on yourself, whether for cosmetic purposes or to attempt to straighten them yourself, you run the risk of the fake braces falling off your teeth.

Because they’re not applied by a professional, they may slip off unexpectedly. If you’re not careful, they could slide down your throat and pose a serious choking hazard.

They Can Cause Serious Oral Health Issues

While your goal in wearing fake braces may be to help you feel more confident in your smile, you could risk causing damage to your teeth instead.

Fake braces can lead to open sores in your mouth, which can then become infected and lead to more serious issues. In some cases, they can even cause tooth decay or loss, because they can cut off the blood supply to your teeth. This leaves you with more serious oral health issues than you started with.

Additionally, the metal material of fake braces may contain toxic materials like lead, leading to further health problems such as gum or nerve infection or even heart or liver disease.

Simply put, the risks of fake braces are too high and not worth compromising your health.

Alternatives to Fake Braces

So, what are your options instead of fake braces? The best thing to do is to talk to your dentist. They can refer you to a trusted orthodontist, who will be able to talk to you about possible treatment plans.

Of course, you can go the route of traditional metal braces, which will gently straighten your teeth with the guidance of a professional.

However, if you’d prefer a less invasive process, it’s worth doing more research on Invisalign. This innovative teeth straightening method uses clear aligner trays to gently move your teeth into place. As your teeth move, you’ll get new trays from your orthodontist until you finally have the smile of your dreams, safely.

Don’t Put Yourself at Risk by Attempting Fake Braces

Now that you’ve read through this short guide, you should have a better understanding of the dangers of fake braces and other options that are available to you. Take care of your mouth and protect your health by working with an orthodontist instead of taking a DIY approach.

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