Sylfirm X is the first Radiofrequency microneedling technology that’s approved by FDA for safely treating neo vascularities including melasma, rosacea, and other skin conditions that are hard to treat. While comparable radiofrequency Microneedling gadgets are available today, the Sylfirm X varies from them because of the progressive radiofrequency technology.

The newest Sylfirm X technology reacts exclusively to the blood vessels and tissue that are damaged, which creates vascular lesions and pigmentation because of the very brief repeated microneedling pulses. Due to that, the high-precision treatment doesn’t damage the underlying healthy tissue. Additionally, the procedure is less uncomfortable than other skin treatments available.

The RF microneedling technology allows Sylfirm X procedures to be completed more quickly. The technique is minimally invasive, with minimum pain and downtime. In many circumstances, the results would be obvious right away. The cosmetic doctor would personalize your treatment strategy to ensure predictable, safe, and genuinely fulfilling outcomes.

What Is The Sylfirm X Process?

Sylfirm X integrates microneedling and RF energy with the distinctive RP technology to target and treat afflicted tissue and blood vessels that may be causing rosacea, melasma, hyperpigmentation, and other skin flaws. The Sylfirm X device’s many microelectrodes will generate an electromagnetic field that will softly penetrate the deeper layers of the skin without damaging the superficial tissue.

The device’s innovative robotic technology would assist your treatment provider in accurately applying the uniformly spaced electrodes to target the desired skin depths. With Sylfirm X RF microneedling equipment, you would obtain deeper, longer-lasting, and more natural-looking effects by covering all dermal layers of the skin. The gadget may be used in eight distinct settings, allowing for customized therapy depending on your specific skin rejuvenation requirements.

How Does the Procedure Work?

With just a modest quantity of topical numbing medication, this 45-minute treatment is straightforward and pleasant.

For best comfort and results, Sylfirm X delivers RF energy accurately and softly into target skin layers using gold microneedles.

With double wave (repeated ultra-short pulse and continuous wave) Radiofrequency technology available in eight treatment modes, your doctor may customize the therapy for every patient and treat additional skin issues for each session.


Duration Of Treatment And Outcomes

Every Sylfirm X procedure is conducted in-office and includes a topical anesthetic to make you comfortable during the process. One treatment session typically takes 20-30 minutes to finish, based on the number of treatment locations and the skin condition.

Although you might see a dramatic change in your skin’s appearance after only one session, many people need up to five sessions for the greatest results. Skin renewal with Sylfirm X is long-lasting, with benefits that do not diminish after a few months. The treatments may be repeated yearly for long-term advantages.

Sylfirm X Advantages

The distinctive Repeated Ultra-Short Pulse Radiofrequency technology used by Sylfirm X allows for correction of complexion by treating your superficial dermis, toning fine lines and enlarged pores, and targeting irregular pigmentation and anomalous broken vessels involved in rosacea, melasma, and other skin discolorations.

Skin is clearer, smoother, and brighter.

Sylfirm X could be suitable for you if:

  • You want to get rid of acne scars on large regions of your face;
  • The treatment of your melasma has been ineffective using laser treatments;
  • You want to use medical technology for your neck, face and eyes’ skin tightening;
  • You want to get rid of stretch marks, and
  • You want to use a medical technology that could address numerous aesthetic concerns.

Why Should You Pick Us?

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