A lot of people want to start working out because they want to look good. Physical trainers and coaches are easily available to help them with this goal but most people have a very incorrect image of these professionals. They think of these professionals as robots who will start teaching them how to exercise, how to put their feet down, and what postures to practice, etc. The reality is quite the opposite. A professional physical trainer can make your workouts more valuable to you. 

Ido Fishman says that your trainers are professionals who not only know the exercises but the philosophies behind them. If you ask them a question, they can answer in a manner that satisfied your curiosity. More importantly, it gives you the right perspective and shows why exercising is so important for you. Let’s take a look at how your trainers can help you see your workouts in a different manner. 

The Right Workout for the Right Person

Working out randomly is not going to bring out the results that you expect. When you have a trainer, they will tell you what each exercise means and where it affects your body. If you have a strong upper part of the body but weak legs, they can work on your legs. If you are a heart patient, they can tell you the exercises that you can do without putting too much pressure on your heart. If you are struggling with balance or flexibility, they will only focus on those two things. In other words, they can tell you the exercise that will address your exact issue. 

That’s how they make the workout more valuable for you. They are not just helping you become fit and healthy, they are actually solving the exact problem that you are having. A trainer can also help you with exercises that are ideal for your age group. 

The Ideal Time and Duration of Workouts

A lot of people believe that the more they exercise, the more improvement they will see. Exercising too much starts to prove counterproductive. It’s like drinking too much water. You know if you keep drinking water, you will end up vomiting. In a similar manner, when you keep exercising too much even when you don’t need it, you hurt your body. Furthermore, you put so much pressure on yourself that the next time you don’t even feel like exercising again.Ido Fishman says that his trainers are very strict about the time and duration of workouts. 

They tell you when to exercise, and more importantly, they give you the duration for which you can exercise. Keep in mind that the duration of your workout depends on its intensity. The more intense a workout is, the more time you will spend doing it. For exercises that are not physically demanding, you can do them for a long duration. 

Result-oriented Training

One of the mistakes that newbies make when they start exercising is that they don’t have a goal in mind. Ido Fishman says that each exercise or the method of exercise is meant for a particular type of results. If you want your body to look fit, toned, and muscular, you can’t achieve that with aerobics. If you want your stamina to increase, bodybuilding might not be the best fit for you. A physical trainer can tell you which exercises you should go for based on your goals. By doing this, you see results fast and the outcome is exactly what you had started working out for. 

Final Thoughts

The right physical trainer or coach has the right credentials to prove that they know what they are doing. They don’t just randomly ask you to start exercising. They explain to you the benefits and the purpose of each exercise they ask you to do. Therefore, you have to make sure that you rely on the services of a professional physical trainer to start your journey to look fit and healthy.