The quest to get fillers in Singapore has been increasing significantly each day. Yep, you heard it right. Fillers! The pursuit, love, and urge to get instant makeovers or fillers are getting more powerful in this day and age. If you want your nose bridge to be as slanted and on-point as Bella Hadid, book a nose filler schedule now! If you want to achieve fuller and plumper lips like the Kardashians and Jenners, all you need is a good set of lip fillers. With social media filled with girls flaunting their perfect, juicy pouts, it’s honestly not surprising that millions of girls want to experience it and wake up with the ultimate plump lips.

Nowadays, the growing number of people who are ready to save tons of hard cash to pay for nose or lip fillers in Singapore are becoming insane and crazy. These days, women are willing to splurge on anything that emphasises and enhances their beauty. There is honestly a good reason for it. With these fillers, you will never need to invest in makeup products. Moreover, you can post a #WokeUpLikeThis post on your social media accounts daily without putting makeup on.

Some opt for the more affordable alternative and would spend a dime on scoring a store-bought lip plumping product, while some get semi-permanent lip fillers in Singapore instead. Kylie Jenner actually revealed her biggest secret – getting non-surgical lip fillers. TBH (to be honest!), that’s also why many women are dying to get the same plump lips.

Before getting lip fillers in Singapore, vet and speak to a dermatologist beforehand. Before fully deciding, be sure to do this process. Through a call, you can determine the expertise of the doctor, the methods they offer, and the credibility of the clinic. Once you come up with a dermatologist and clinic you, here are five essential things every woman should know if they want to get plump lips:



Similar to how getting botox in Singapore works, you also have tons of options to choose from when it comes to injectable fillers. There are several types of fillers, such as calcium hydroxylapatite, fat grafting, permanent soft tissue filler or bellafill, poly-L-lactic acid, lip implants, and others. However, among the numerous options, the safest one is hyaluronic acid because they’re not permanent. Because they are semi-permanent, there is usually no risk involved in the entire process and aftercare.

Generally, when getting lip fillers in Singapore, the dermatologist will determine how many individual injections your lips need to achieve your desired look beforehand. With Kylie Jenner, she shared that it was basically a 1ml syringe of Juvéderm, ranging from about eight to ten individual injections to utilise what the syringe contains. Imagine the social media socialite goes through eight to ten times of pain to achieve that plump-looking, juicy lips! Do you think you can? If yes, go and book a dermatologist today.


One of the well-known hyaluronic acid fillers in Singapore is Restylane. If you choose this one, you can benefit from fuller-looking lips anywhere around from six to 18 months. With proper aftercare and maintenance, of course! The secret of some women is to top up with 1/2ml of filler every six months. This tactic actually helps make their puckers look plumper and juicier.

Aside from the long-lasting effects of lip fillers in Singapore, which can possibly take forever to last, hyaluronic acid plump pluckers are also the best type for giving your lips a definition. It has the power and art to lift your lips and slightly transform them into firmer, fuller-looking results. It also needs subtle volume correction for at least six to nine months after your session. If you suddenly realise that pouty lips aren’t for you or it looks terrible on you, don’t pout and fret! You can book an appointment with your doctor to melt the fillers away. It’s as easy as that.



Be it undereye fillers, lip implants, nose augmentation fillers, and others. Any injectable fillers may feel uncomfy at first. With lip fillers in Singapore, everything will feel weird, odd, and bumpy the first few days after getting them. But don’t panic—it’s totally natural! Expect intense and slight unbearable pain in the area filled with fillers even when it is numb. It will also bleed quite a lot post-aesthetic service. No worries, though. The pain will shoo away as the fillers melt and blend with the natural soft tissues on your lips.

Straight after having the fillers in Singapore done, your lips would feel weird. It may swell and feel solid. Once the numbing cream goes off, it will EXTREMELY hurt for at least 12 to 18 hours. If it intolerably hurts, what you can do is massage it yourself or have your dermatologist massage it for you. When you’re DIY-ing, be sure to rub off any lumps using your thumb and forefinger (a.k.a. index finger).

Some other things you should expect after getting your fillers in Singapore are dry lips, sore lip area, cracked lips, swollen lips for a good three or four days, and bruises around the lip area.


Considering the technological advancements nowadays, getting lip fillers in Singapore is a cinch! Easy peasy task! The treatment won’t take long at all. It can last anywhere from a good five to ten minutes after the numbing cream gets applied to your lip area and once it settles. The actual injection process will only take less than ten minutes.


Generally, the price for lip fillers in Singapore ranges from SG$600 to SG$1,200 per treatment. Some clinics offer a costlier price. Check if the treatment is worth it for its price. Read reviews, check for testimonies from previous clients, and consider asking for recommendations from your friends and family.


It’s 2022, and getting lip fillers is becoming more prevalent than usual. This treatment is even more common than getting your hair highlighted. If you have thin lips or think you need plump-looking lips, consider getting lip fillers in Singapore. One thing you should take note of is that everybody’s lips are totally different. You cannot get the same result as Kylie Jenner. For some, it can appear horrible and puffier than full and plump. If you’re down to get the perfect pouty, juicy lips and toss all your lip liners, take some time to consider all these five first, okay?

Here’s to finally getting fillers in Singapore! Say bye to lip liner products and hello to Vincere Aesthetics Clinic. Flick them a message today at +6596860100 or explore their page for their range of services.