Numerous poets and artists have written about the dichotomy of life. Why is there happiness and sadness? Why life is not unpredictable? Why there is discrimination? Why there is no equality? These are problems with which people have been tackling for centuries and will continue to tackle because these are unending ones. Life is a mixed bag of happiness and sadness, and none of them is permanent. Some people have the habit of celebrating too lavishly when happy. 

Such people forget that nothing is going to last forever. And when tough times arrive, they are unprepared and succumb to depression and they become dependent on Artvigil  150 or Modafresh 200. The real test of a character happens only when he/she faces challenges. In good times everyone is near you, going hands in hands with you with zero opposition. But tough times test whether you are ordinary or extraordinary. 

One of the ways to replenish your lost energy is by sleeping with no worries. During tough times people get so stressed that they encounter a lack of sleep, which in turn affects their performance at their work and studies. So, your sleep must not be affected due to any one of your problems, as it affects yourgoal and ambition for which you are making the sacrifices. Therefore, we have to find ways that even during challenging times our sleep cycle remains untroubled.In this article, we provide you with some tips on improving sleep when times are tough. 

Get help from mentors

As discussed earlier tough times are character-defining moments. Taking a piece of advice from seniors, parents, teachers and mentors will give us the much-needed moral strength and support. They too have faced similar challenges when they were of our age, so it’s wise to listen to their experiences and learn from their mistakes so, we don’t repeat them. From our childhood we are listening tothat early to bed and early to rise makes us healthy wealthy and wise. But as we grew these teachings became irrelevant to the time, we live in. Now, it’s time to listen to what they really meant. 

Take a break if possible or reduce workload

The major reason for sleeping disorders is the excessive workload imposed on workers and employees. But these people don’t have any option but to work day and night for mere salary because they are bound by monthly EMI’s. Due to COVID-19, millions lost their livelihood and starvation increased. Therefore, those who had their jobs, they keep stuck on it. Big companies did not decrease the workload rather added more of it. The workforce was shifted from offices to homes. Earlier after work employees went home relaxed and spent time with loved ones. But due to work at home, work pressure doubled which even took the time for a loving family. This mounted to greater stress and high blood pressure which further damaged the sleep cycle. This was the reason why cases of homicides and mental illness shot up during the lockdown period. Men ordered Waklert 150, Modvigil 200 and Modaheal 200.Therefore, if possible then take a break and visit your favourite place. And if not possible, ask your boss to reduce your workload, whichever way it is, give time for the sleep cycle to restore. 

Meditation and Yoga

No doubt Yoga and Meditation can solve the problem of sleep but it needs discipline, determination and perseverance. You need to add 1 hour of yoga and meditation to regular life. Yoga and meditation are like the reset button that restores normalcy by overcoming any malfunctions. It has been proved to reduce stress, cure sleeping patterns, overcome stress, boost memory and increase concentration power. For many psychological disorders you don’t need to take any pills, if you properly do yoga and meditation, it’s enough. 

When things aren’t going your way, it’s time to think of ways and strategies. This needs greater sharpness and alertness for which yoga and meditation are useful. Hindu saints and hermits have acquired great knowledge that has remained relevant even today. This level of concentration and sharpness was achieved through yoga and meditation. 

Be choosy while eating

Don’t eat whatever you like, eat what your body needs. Bring clarity to your thought that food has more importance than just being a source of nutrients. It is the source of all functions in your body. Therefore, the quality of food you take directly affects the functions you perform. Give up any addictions if you have, reduce the consumption of fried and high cholesterol food items. Add green vegetables, nuts, cereals and raw fruits to your diet. If you are a meat-eater, eat what gets easily digested. Seafood is the perfect and healthiest non-vegan food for health. 


It is high time that we give importance to our sleep. From now, if anyone says one should sleep for fewer hours, tell the person that sleeping is good for health. Or else keep eating Waklert 150, Artvigil 150 and Modaheal 200.