A full-body massage is among the most luxurious experiences. There is no better way to reward yourself after a day of stress or a long week, or simply because you deserve it. Having such an all-around holistic experience can deepen your sense of wellness, energize you, and motivate you.

A full-body massage, however, is unpopular with many people. What happens when you get one? Where does the phrase “full body” come from? Are there any etiquette rules for this type of physical therapy?

A question about full-body massages

People who book full-body massages can provide answers to the most frequently asked questions. Check out our website to see a complete list of FAQs.

The above list includes a full body massage in London. Anyhow, it is important to keep in mind that a massage is just that: a massage.

Can my therapist massage any part of my body?

As with all other professionals affiliated with Boys, massage therapists will not expose or touch private parts of the body. We never allow women to reveal their breasts. Please see our complete list of services here.

Could I have my body massaged only in a certain area?

Blys massage therapists will ensure that any parts of your body you don’t want to be touched aren’t touched. We understand the preference of some people not to have their feet or buttocks touched. Make sure you inform your massage therapist before, or during, the massage what you like, dislike, or don’t like. Setting and maintaining boundaries are extremely important.

A massage therapist will adjust the pressure to meet your needs as well as focus on any part of your body. If your primary source of discomfort is your lower back, for instance, the therapist will spend more time treating that area. As a result, you will spend less time treating other parts of your body. Clients of massage therapists are expected to feel better when they leave the studio than when they arrived.

Massage Etiquette for the Whole Body

Anyone who has experienced their first massage or is a seasoned veteran should be aware of massage etiquette. Bodywork and physical therapy are well-known for being intimate activities, since they deal with the body. To get a massage is neither awkward nor ugly. Massages are relaxing and revitalizing.

Does my massage require that I wear special clothing?

The draperies our massage therapists use will always ensure your comfort, security and modesty. Towels or sheets will cover these areas so that they are not exposed to manipulation. You can achieve this by using multiple sheets or towels, or folding your towels or sheets to ensure they are always covered. During your massage, you can keep the temperature comfortable by putting multiple sheets or towels on the bed.

For the duration of the massage, every Boy client must wear underwear. Afterward, we advise you to undress as you feel comfortable. Depending on your therapy, this may vary from person to person.

When the body is free from obstructions, long, buttery strokes are applied to it in a Swedish relaxation massage, for example. Your therapist may be able to work around your bra or bandeau top, but you may not receive the attention you need on the covered part of your body. However, sports massages are different since people are required to wear leggings or shorts while receiving this type of massage.

While the therapist leaves the room, you will be instructed to undress; after you have undressed, the therapist will leave again so that you can change.

For your massage, we suggest wearing relaxed and comfortable clothing for your top half, or activewear for your bottom half, if you prefer.

Some massage techniques are applied while you are draped, such as friction, vibration, rocking, and tapping. As opposed to what you see in movies, there is no need to get naked during a massage!