It is common for children to contract ear, nose and throat issues. Although most of these illnesses are not a cause for concern, consult a paediatric ENT at Singapore clinics or hospitals to avoid complications, infections and lasting side effects. Most teams of paediatric ENT experts address all ear, nose, and throat disorders with knowledge and care. They collaborate with the entire family to give the best possible care for your child’s condition. Here is a list of common ENT issues in children.

#1 Ear Infections

Otitis media is an ear infection in children due to the inflammation of the middle ear. Some of the most common causes of otitis media are cold, sore throat, or respiratory illness.  Fluid is more prone to accumulate behind the eardrum when the eustachian tube is not functioning as it should. Germs and viruses can scatter inside the ear, leading to an ear infection. Allergies and insufficient immunisation against these germs are other risk factors.

#2 Tonsillitis

The tonsils are immune system components that aid in the fight against pathogens in the mouth. Viral and bacterial contamination is a common occurrence in these glands. Sore throat, trouble swallowing, and sensitive lymph nodes are among the symptoms that a child has tonsillitis. Most children only need at-home treatments after consulting an ENT doctor at a facility in Singapore.

You may help your child by doing the following: Give them paracetamol or ibuprofen for pain relief. Drink plenty of drinks to keep their throat from feeling dry and sore. Icy poles are an excellent alternative since they deliver more fluids while relaxing and numbing a sore throat.

#3 Sinusitis

Sinusitis in children might resemble sinusitis in adults. Children are often diagnosed with viral sinusitis, which you can manage simply by treating the symptoms. They may also test for anatomical abnormalities or allergies that make your child more susceptible to acquiring a sinus infection. Most children react well to antibiotic treatment if they have bacterial sinusitis.

Surgery can also treat sinus conditions in children safely and successfully. An ENT surgeon can expand the natural drainage paths and widen the tight passageways of their sinuses. Immediately bring your child to an ENT specialist in Singapore if they go through more than four or six sinus episodes yearly.

#4 Bleeding Noses

It is common for children ages 3 to 10 to experience bleeding noses due to nose-picking or dry air. Most cases will cease on their own and only need fundamental treatments at home. A nasal injury or blow might result in bleeding, although most are not severe. Tiny blood vessels inside the nose might become inflamed and fail to repair. In some circumstances, a doctor may be able to assist. Call your ENT doctor in Singapore if your child has nosebleeds more than once a week.

Dr Jenica Yong is a paediatric ENT specialist in Singapore who attended many international and regional conferences. Make an appointment with her if you or your child has been experiencing any ENT symptoms. You can also explore her website or call her clinic to learn more about her, her practice and its services.