Increasing numbers of people are experiencing anxiety nowadays because of the pandemic, the current state of the economy, everything going on in their life, and a lot more. When anxiety does hit, knowing what to do can help it disappear faster and may reduce the potential for it to return. If you’re suffering from anxiety right now, do the following to help calm down and feel better.

Count Your Breathing

Talk slow, deep breaths and count them. Breath in for the same count each time, then out for the same count. It doesn’t matter as much what the count is. During an anxiety attack, breathing speeds up. Counting can help slow breathing, which can help reduce the anxiety and can switch the focus from what the brain is thinking to counting the breaths.

Get Exercise

Exercise is another way to help reduce anxiety and get the mind to think about something else. The endorphins released during exercise can also help promote a calm, happier feeling. Exercise doesn’t need to mean going to the gym, either. If an anxiety attack happens at the office, take a few minutes to just walk to the bathroom and back. If it happens at home, put on a little music and dance around the house. Just move.

Find Something to Do

Often, anxiety hits when people are resting or just relaxing. Finding something to do can help to get the brain to focus on something else instead of the anxiety that’s trying to take over thoughts. Anything will work, but something that requires focus will be better. Try doing a puzzle, learning a new language, playing a game that requires concentration, or anything else that really puts the brain to work.

Try Meditating

Meditation can help redirect the thoughts to healthier ones. Find somewhere calm and quiet to sit, then start to meditate. It’s not important to do a specific type of meditation or to follow any particular method. This doesn’t have to take long, either, but it will help redirect thoughts to something that may be healthier to think about and can help get rid of the anxious thoughts.

Talk to an Expert

Anxiety may go away temporarily and for some people, it may stay away. For others, it will return at some point. These tips will help, but they’re not a cure. Instead, talk to an expert who can provide more specific advice to help control and eliminate anxious thoughts. This can help keep the anxiety from returning and if there is a more serious issue, the discussion with an expert can lead to more ways to control the anxiety.

If you’re suffering from anxiety, whether or not it’s reoccurring, and it’s interrupting your life, these tips may be able to help. Find a therapist in Nashville, TN to get more help with anxiety or other concerns you may have. Talking to an expert can provide you with everything you need to learn how to improve your mental health and prevent issues like anxiety from coming back.